Wednesday, 1 February 2017

PORTABLE WORLD @ 18 kmh - Francistown to Nata


When we are young there are many possibilities in our minds. Slowly, we start striking out some uncomfortable things as unworthy and difficult things as unfeasible. This happens with all realms of life, adventure included. As soon as we get an automobile, cycle becomes a difficult or atleast uncomfortable thing and hence unworthy and unfeasible. Then we loose touch with nature, ease of doing things makes us complacent and most of the times incompetent.

Any thing difficult is worth doing. It is difficult to ride a cycle for 10 hours when you are not trying to prove anything. Just for the sake of it. Maybe, to prove it yourself, that it is in you.

Franistown to Nata distance is about 187 km. It took me almost 10 hours to cover that distance at a speed more than 18 kmh. This was the first time that I achieved this speed consistently for a period of 10 hrs.

The road to Nata single carriageway with very small shoulder. Heavy truck/trailer move to and fro  between Kazangula (Zambia/ Zimbabwe) to inland Botswana.

I was  now inside the wilderness area and saw Elephants roaming across the main street.

There are two things I noticed while cycling which are worth remembering:

1. Cycling a viable transportation tool. It has lost its edge due to rapid modernization but it will come back as a environmental and health enhancing conveyance.

2. Adventure industry and new technologies will upgrade and bring cycle into the main stream.

Someone once said that "Whenever I see an adult riding a cycle, I regain my faith in humanity"

Well, I am here to establish faith in humanity.

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