Tuesday, 31 January 2017



The best thing about cycling is that you absorb your surrounding. You feel the climate, the wind, smell the vegetation. You become part of surrounding rather than just the consumer.

I started very early,  and climbed 193 meters, wind was against me. The first half of cycling took me to Serule which was about 80 Km from Palapye it took me 5 hrs and 42 minute. Speed was shameful but I prodded. Stopped at petrol filling stationhich had a tiny outlet.I refilled water bottles and had salted crackers.

Palapye Hotel.

I started noticing changes in vegetation and I also started noticing changes in my energy level. I had another 92 Km ahead of me to cover in atrocious heat of the day.

From Serule my speed was better than the first half. I reached outskirts of Francistown by 6 PM

The human body can only do so much then the heart and spirit must take over.
- Sohn Kee Chung

At times while cycling I used to get into the groove or a meditative state when you feel that you are stationary but your surroundings are moving past you, something like a train journey. Other times, it felt like three way wrestling match between between me, the cycle and the road in which the cycle and the road ganged up against me.

By the end of the day I roughly covered 450 Km in all.

Then I felt better.

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