Thursday, 19 January 2017


December 3, 2016


I woke up late. First day tiredness was there but the enthusiasm didn't wane.

The ignorance of self in the dream state stopped when I woke up. How should I wake up from hypnosis of this state (awake)? Is there a way?

Starting anything worthwhile is hardest.

You reason that things will be better after a while. Once you start it is just matter of time. Time, if you have.

Surprisingly, I was looking forward to tackle today's miles. Maybe, in the back of my mind i knew that today is a short day and I needed to do only 65 Km.

There were strong headwinds and my speed was extra slow.It took me 5 hrs and 15 minutes to cover a distance of 64.5km @ 12,3 kmh. 

Somewhere on the way I had a burger and reached Palapye at Lunch Time.

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