Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Portable World @ 18 Kmph - Part 1: Gaborone to Mahalapye


I decided to do something which I never did before. I planned to cycled a distance of approximately 600 km to test myself for bigger journeys of future.

While travelling remember that if you want to observe everything, walk; if you want to notice everything, cycle; if you want to see something, drive automobile; if you want to see nothing, fly.

There are two ways to enhance the quality of all our experiences. 1. By Education. 2. By Exploration. I wish to cover "Exploration" here.

Exploration can be done by many ways but the most common method is by travelling. The moment we  hear the world Travel, two things come to our mind. 1. Time and 2. Money.

In order to overcome the money conundrum I decided to do some research and read books by people who have seen the entire world with limited resources. I read a book  "Grand Adventure" by Alastair Humphreys. I decided to test myself to see if I, a man of 55 years can cycle any substantial distance in a week. This will embolden me for bigger projects.

I have a Travel bike (Please see the previous post)). Travel bikes are relatively cheaper and can be borrowed or bought second hand. Once you buy, it lasts forever and need little repair or servicing.

So, on the morning of a very normal day of 2 December 2016, I went out of front door of my house in Mogoditshane, Botswana, to start a very long journey. As a beginner I was extra scared, therefore, my wife and I decided to make it a fully supported venture. 

All my luggage and spares were carried by my wife in her car. We decided that I will start about 5 hrs ahead of her and after covering a distance of about 100 km., we will meet for lunch somewhere in between. She will continue to such a location that will enable me to cover a distance of 160-200 km per day, to be together at the end of each day. This way, we were accessible to each other and will be able to approach and rescue in case of any emergency.

I stopped at Artesia to refill and hydrate properly. and again at Debete where I had lunch. I passed Tropic of Capricorn before entering picturesque Seronga Valley.  

The Tropic of Capricorn (or the Southern Tropic) is the circle of latitude that contains the sub-solar point on the December (or southern) solstice. It is thus the southernmost latitude where the Sun can be directly overhead. Its northern equivalent is the Tropic of Cancer (Wikipedia)


Seronga valley is another picturesque spot along this route. One should stop and enjoy the view.

On first day I covered a distance of 169 km, average temperature during the day was 35.4 degree Celsius. It took me under 10 hours, my speed was pathetic at 16.3 kph but  I reached outskirts of Mahalapye.

High temperature made me stop. It is the first and last days of any expedition which are most difficult, but at the same time these two days are most memorable.

Tomorrow, on 3 December it will be a shorter ride. I need to ease out for bigger rides on this trip.

Part 2: Portable World - Mahalapye to palapye: To be Contd...

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